Jan. 16th, 2007

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I'm feeling awful today. I awoke to watery eyes, throbbing skull, and collapsed sinuses. Like a fool, I assumed a fistful of Dayquil(tm) would be the cure for my ills... Now I'm jittery, cranky, and terribly BORED. But at least my nasal passages are clear.

Did a bit of recording this weekend. What was initially supposed to be a two-day, 20-hour endeavor was somehow sandwiched into a single afternoon, and upon reflection I can honestly call it the most maddening experience of my life. Long story short: we were only able to get six songs laid down, and due to some poor planning and should-have-been-easily-avoided technical difficulties, we were forced to schedule an extra day at the end of the month just to patch over some very basic problems. NOTE TO ANY ASPIRING MUSICIANS OUT THERE: Make sure the sound engineer checks every line before embarking upon your recording odyssey. Otherwise, you might find yourself re-laying the same tracks over and over until the end of time.

Things probably went smoother than I remember. I am easily frustrated in the face of Technical Difficulties. My poor bandmates played to the point of exhaustion (and did a damn fine job, I might add), but all the effort in the world isn't enough when battling loose cables and hastily pirated software. We'll defeat this monster yet... it's just going to take a little more gusto than I'm used to.

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I'm working on a (belated) list of Ins and Outs for the coming year. Any suggestions?


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