Jan. 23rd, 2007

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So I'm taking a break from drinking for a while... The years of alcohol abuse have begun to take a serious toll on my looks (bloated face and tired eyes), my demeanor (constantly exhausted and irritable) and my health (let's not even discuss the sorry state of my digestive tract). My plan is to dry out until the end of the month (working on day 3 without a drop right now), then spend the remainder of the winter moderating my booze intake to once or twice a week. It is to be hoped that by this spring, I will look and feel well enough to tumble off the wagon with few regrets. I'll let you know how it turns out.

[livejournal.com profile] alabama_grrrl has a TON of pictures from our show last weekend. I'd post a couple of them here, but I can't decide which ones I like best, and I honestly think everyone should take the time to bop over to her journal and show some love.

Okay, maybe ONE picture, but that's all. After this, you're on your own:

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BIG BIG BIG BIG developments here at Program Central... We have officially wrapped shooting on our first movie! The details are still very much TOP SECRET at the moment, but I promise to bring you the latest news as soon as it becomes available to me...In the meantime, I'll leave you with these three bits:

1) It's a morality play about the dangers of FASHION ADDICTION;

2) It was shot on black and white Super-8 film stock to give it that "ultra sleazy" look;

3) It was the result of much tireless effort on the part of my dear friend (and brilliant mentor) JULIA POOPYPANTS, who will surely go down in film history as one of the greatest talents of her time... When the two of us put our big brains together, the cinematic world TREMBLES with anticipation!

SHots of myself and [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] from the set, just to keep you hangin':

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Back soon with more details, I promise!


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