Apr. 24th, 2007

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Reasons why I'm a cranky motherfucker right now:

1) While we were sleeping last night, the refrigerator decided to perish. We threw out most of our food this morning, and it will seriously be at least a week before we can get the landlord over here to set us up with something else. Ugh.

2) Even though we paid our monthly bill to The Evil Gas Conglomerate nine days ago, they still haven't posted the credit to our account... As a result, our gas in danger of being shut off this week. Rectifying this problem involves the tremendous hassle of canceling our previous checks, writing a new one, calling in sick from work, and waiting around all day for the Gas Man to maybe show up on our porch. Double ugh.

3) My daughter is moving away, far far away, and I have neither the time or the money to take her mother to court for joint custody before she leaves. Given the distance of our impending separation, it could be several months before we even see each other again... provided her parental units don't decide to just vanish without a trace, in which case she'll be gone from my life forever.

4) I hate both of my jobs so much that I would rather poison myself with cyanide gas than be forced to clock in for another shift.

5) The world at large perceives me to be nothing more than an ego-driven emotional cripple, but in reality I am just so disgusted by life that the most articulate way I can find to express myself is to pound my fists and wail.


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