Jun. 29th, 2007

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First things first: I picked THIS up for a mere 3 bucks the other day:

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You may ask yourself, what could be better than a TV biopic about Liberace? How about a TV biopic about Liberace directed by David Greene, the guy who made FATAL VISION and the atrocious WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE remake (starring the sisters Redgrave)? Victor Garber (aka Jack from "ALIAS") turns in a bang-up job as the titular elfin maestro, but the real acting kudos go to Maureen Stapleton as his long-suffering mother, here presented as an overprotective codger trying to shield her naive son from the cruel realities of a homophobic entertainment industry. BEHIND THE MUSIC crams all the catty humor, terminal illnesses, near death experiences, religious fever dreams, family strife, and coke-addicted chauffeurs that it possibly can into a lean 90-minute running time. We've barely passed his teenage years, moonlighting as a piano player in a seedy brothel, when he's already sharing backstage quips with Elvis at a glitzy Vegas review, then POW! He's clawing his way back from another gay scandal, winking at the camera the whole way through. Five minutes before the movie ends, he catches AIDS, then dies. Roll credits. Every major event in Liberace's life inexplicably happens offscreen, and many things aren't even mentioned at all. Still, I found my heartstrings tugged more than once, and I would definitely endorse this over most made-for-TV turdfests that are flushed our way.


Today is PROGRAM DAY, that momentous time of year when [livejournal.com profile] secret_malady and I retreat to our secret clubhouse for a rigorous session of arcane rituals and esoteric sex practices. For the fourth year in a row, we will conjure as spell to reinforce our interpersonal mythology, wrapping it around ourselves in an attempt to shield our minds and bodies from the onslaught of bullshit that is the outside world.

How do we continue to do this, you ask? With old fashioned ro-mance, daddy-o! Hot kisses and heavy petting, love notes on cocktail napkins and surprise flowers from the dumpster. Don't you wish you had it as good as us?

I've traveled East, I've traveled West, and she's the gal that I love best! HAPPY PROGRAM DAY, baby!!!!!

Love, Psychedelic-style


Your ever-luvin' Cow-Pa!


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