Jul. 21st, 2007

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Oh, the life of a lab rat. My fourth day in, and I finally have some time to br-e-e-e-ath. Everyone else on my study has been sent home for one reason or another, so I'm all alone in the big room... Except for this one guy in the bed across from mine, who spends all day with his headphones plugged in, screaming obscenities at the television set. I've caught him staring at me and laughing a couple of times, too-- it's fucking UNNERVING. I think I might smother him with a pillow sometime this week... That is, if I haven't been sucked dry by all of the syringes and tubes they've jammed into me before then. Sheesh.

(Okay, he just sat down at the computer next to mine and immediately started cursing at the screen: "Butt juice! I'm not ass juice, YOU'RE ass juice!" And ten he farted.)

I neglected to mention before that I'm in here to test blood thinners-- specifically, I'm testing two separate blood thinners to see how they interact with each other. Needless to say, things have been a bit dizzy for me these past few days, which isn't necessarily a bad thing... The drugs come in two forms: one is a pill, the other is a liquid, and let's face it-- I test LIQUID blood thinners every day of my life, so its about time I started getting some compensation for my talents, no?

In the ten months since I last participated in a study, Quintiles has moved to a larger building-- more rooms (the giant dorm has been split up into several mini-dorms), better food (although the cooks always seem to forget to send something with my meal-- this morning I got butter and jelly without toast, and yesterday I got a packet of Ranch dressing with no salad), more cable channels (TCM and Soapnet-- whoo hoo!!!), increased privacy (bye-bye, prison showers!), and more computers (downside to this: keener internet censorware-- I can't even access my Flickr or Photobucket accounts to post pictures, and all proxy sites seem to be blocked, too)... Best of all, there's some ridiculous-looking, Wowsville-style restaurant around the corner with an American bandstand theme... Seems like a good place to invest some of that $1800 I'm earning on this aunt. Who doesn't want lunch served up by a waiter surgically cut to look like Dick Clark?

EDIT: I just found some website (told you I was BORED) where people submit pics of famous people... Photoshopped to look as if they had aged like regular, everyday people. Here's some of my faves:

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

Okay, I'm out-- Everybody send me messages and keep me company. I've got a lot of free time on my hands...
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Agh! Tammy Faye died.

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

I didn't see where anyone else had posted it yet, so I thought I'd be the first to break the news.

I find it odd that I had so much insolent rage for Falwell when he died, yet I'm incredibly sad to ear about poor Tammy... Why is that, do you suppose?


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