Aug. 20th, 2007

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Vincent Price is one sick kitty today:

sick kittysick kitty 2sick kitty 3

He got into one of our plants last night and has been puking it up ever since. There are foamy puddles of dried cat-vomit all over the house, and poor little Vincent keeps hobbling over to lay on my feet, moaning and sighing and begging for chin-scratches with his droopy yellow eyes... I have no choice but to oblige him.

Click on a picture if you want to see how our GOLD LABEL SOUL adventure went down:

Down the steps to the basement club...Miss Sadie Soul!
A few drinks were had.No Wallflowers!Hot wax!... and a mysteriously dapper gent emerging from the shadows!

I can tell you this much: If someone doesn't re-open a late-night diner downtown ASAP, I'm gonna have to get some kind of business loan and jump on top of that goldmine myself... It's fucking ridiculous that IHOP is the only place in Lawrence to get a bar-rush breakfast. Where's Clark's on Belmont when I need it most?

One last flash: Has anyone check out THIS?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Seven clips from a show the B-52's played at the Downtown Cafe in Athens back in 1978. The music is unpolished and totally amazing (especially 52 Girls!), and skinny, baby-faced Fred introducing each song in his dirty white undershirt makes my heart melt every time ("Don't forget, waitresses work for tips... I'm a waiter, so I know!")... I'd post one of the songs but, unfortunately, the user doesn't allow her videos to be embedded... What a greedy whore!

Seriously, though, check them out if you have the time... It's some truly inspiring shit.


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