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As I've mentioned a few times recently, I'm shooting a movie next spring and I'm very excited about it-- this is gonna be my first REAL solo flight as a director, and the anticipation is really starting to fry me from the inside out.

The script isn't quite finished yet, but everything is pushing ahead at a rapid pace. I already have some of the principal roles cast-- not enough that I feel comfortable posting names in the credits, obviously, but enough to make this project feel solid-- and the opening murder sequence is firmly IN THE CAN.

I had to shoot this scene ahead of schedule because the industrial area I had in mind when I wrote it is scheduled for gentrification sometime next spring... I wanted to make sure I could capture some of that run-down atmosphere in its full glory before The Man swoops in to lay a nest full of condominium eggs. Fortunately, I had a couple of actors ready to go-- thank you to Mr. Franklin and Mr. Cadman, respectively-- and one brisk afternoon, we wisked up a bucket of stage blood and slapped together the following death scene:

Please keep in mind that, being Youtube, this video clip has been compressed to near-incomprehension, so if you blow it up to full screen everything turns to shit.

I did the soudtrack on an old Casio I found at the thrift store for twelve bucks, and I paid my actors in coffee and ginger snaps. Hopefully I was able to milk a little something extra from this no-budget scenario.

I post a link to the script when I finish, just in case someone wants to give me some feedback. It's gonna be a satirical murder mystery-- think Paul Morissey does Giallo thriller-- although I'm pretty sure that sensibility fails to come across in this sequence. I thought it would be best to start things off with a nice, gory murder, hence the title.

Any thoughts/ criticisms?


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