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Yesterday was one of those days, one of those long, wearying days. One of those "strung-out homeless guy comes into the bar on your shift, starts screaming at a customer who politely declined his offer of a free drink, threatens to fight everyone in the bar when you tell him to get the fuck out, so you hose him down with water from the soda gun hoping the merest touch of moisture will cause him to disintegrate but it only pisses him off even more, and while you're on the phone with the cops asking them to come down and arrest him he gets into a fistfight with one of the regulars, so you set the phone down and hop over the bar and help push him outside, but he won't let go of the other guy's shirt so you have to smash his wrists with your elbow until he screams and calls you a faggot and runs away, then you hop back over the bar, accidentally knocking the phone into the sink and destroying it, then get back to pouring drinks for all the shlubs who sat around without offering to help" kind of days. You know the ones I'm talking about.

If I had a readily available turd-on-a-stick next to the beer cooler, these kinds of things wouldn't happen.

Enjoy these stills from "Five Dolls For An August Moon." For some reason, none of our peers seem to find this movie as amazing as we do. I understand it's not Bava's finest, not by a long shot... but it's hardly his worst (that honor belongs to Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs, I believe), and even shitty Bava is better than current best-renters like "Shoot 'em Up" or the live-action "Underdog."


Legend has it Bava hated the script but was forbidden by his studio to change anything. So, rather than focus on the schematics of narrative storytelling, he opted to pack every scene with as much stylistic flair as he could muster... What remains on screen is a candy-colored satire of giallo conventions, celebrating the drywall-thin characters and meaninglessly convoluted plot with as much enthusiasm as the ultravivid sets and breezy Eurotrash soundtrack.

CLICK HERE for your listening pleasure!

Again, hardly a "classic" movie, but probably the most delicious slice of pulp trash I've digested in a long time.
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