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A quick one, for all the kids:

Our flea problem was getting completely out of hand by the end of last week... Even after medicating the cats and washing the sheets and vacuuming the furniture, I was still scratching my ears and belly like a mangy dog.

And then-- MIRACLE!-- We went to see Harvey Sid Fisher perform at The Replay Monday night. Although we'd never met him before, he made it a point to hang out with us as much as possible before the show, referred to us by our first names during his performance, and even pulled Kelly out for a dance in the middle of his set! Of course, being the forgetful Jones that I am, I left the camera at home, so I had no way of documenting this magical evening... But I swear, every word of it is true!

By the time we returned home from our spiritual pilgrimage, the flea problem had completely evaporated... The golden touch of Harvey Sid Fisher cured all of our domestic ills!

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I'm throwing a VERY STERN LOOK in your direction for not telling us about ALEXYSS K. TAYLOR.... Why must you hoard all the good stuff for yourselves?

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1. I hope, I hope, I hope that some of my Atlanta friends can answer a few questions for me:
- Just who is Alexyss Taylor, anyway?
- Is her show still on the air?
- Why is her mother holding a rectangle of black plywood in front of her stomach?
- Is an order of shrimp from Long John Silvers REALLY comparable to "a rectum-full of semen"?
- How have we allowed our friendships to progress without any of you telling me about this?

I need answers, or else I may not be able to make it through the rest of the day.

2. Vincent is home. His flabby little cat belly is shaved white, and he's all doped up on narcotics from the pain patch the vet glued to his leg. Turns out the Dragon Tree leaves were too sharp and fibrous for his guts to withstand, and he was suffering from serious inflammation in his small intestine (not to mention a tiny ulcer in his stomach)... Seven hundred dollars later, everything looks like it's going to be just fine.

3. Can I write a love letter to Hard Case Crime? The new fiction they produce is pretty suck-tastic, but the reprints are to die for:

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1. Vincent is still sick. We have him at the vet now for overnight observation. He wasn't very happy with me when I left him there this morning. The house feels really empty now without him here, with the notable exception of...

2. ...a cicada that's trapped in our house right now. It flew through the back door sometime during band practice last night and it's driving me insane. If I could find it, I would capture it and let it back out... but instead, it seems content to hide and make unsettling little screeching noises, as if deliberately trying to keep me on edge.

3. [ profile] jimmymontrose posted this video in his blog today, and I told him I was going to swipe it. Never let it be said that I'm not a man of my word:

4. I'm getting my driver's license back tomorrow, after almost twelve years without one. I haven't decided if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I guess we'll find out when they're picking chunks of college kids out of the grill of my car this winter.

5. Everyone hold your breath and wish The Spook Lights good luck as we wait to hear back from the judges at CMJ... The local college station sponsored our application, and we expect to be hearing back from them any day now. Is The Big Apple ready to be thrilled by the bible belt's most horrifying rock-n-roll onslaught? Only the devil knows for sure...

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Vincent Price is one sick kitty today:

sick kittysick kitty 2sick kitty 3

He got into one of our plants last night and has been puking it up ever since. There are foamy puddles of dried cat-vomit all over the house, and poor little Vincent keeps hobbling over to lay on my feet, moaning and sighing and begging for chin-scratches with his droopy yellow eyes... I have no choice but to oblige him.

Click on a picture if you want to see how our GOLD LABEL SOUL adventure went down:

Down the steps to the basement club...Miss Sadie Soul!
A few drinks were had.No Wallflowers!Hot wax!... and a mysteriously dapper gent emerging from the shadows!

I can tell you this much: If someone doesn't re-open a late-night diner downtown ASAP, I'm gonna have to get some kind of business loan and jump on top of that goldmine myself... It's fucking ridiculous that IHOP is the only place in Lawrence to get a bar-rush breakfast. Where's Clark's on Belmont when I need it most?

One last flash: Has anyone check out THIS?

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Seven clips from a show the B-52's played at the Downtown Cafe in Athens back in 1978. The music is unpolished and totally amazing (especially 52 Girls!), and skinny, baby-faced Fred introducing each song in his dirty white undershirt makes my heart melt every time ("Don't forget, waitresses work for tips... I'm a waiter, so I know!")... I'd post one of the songs but, unfortunately, the user doesn't allow her videos to be embedded... What a greedy whore!

Seriously, though, check them out if you have the time... It's some truly inspiring shit.
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We got back from Joplin two days ago, and I'm happy to report that the Spook Light put in an appearance both nights we were there... Being the observant fellow that I am, I drove right past it the first night without seeing anything-- there were a bunch of hoodlums gathered at the side of the road, waving their cameras in the air, so of course I opted to gawk at them rather than see what all the fuss was about. Luckily, our friend Cassie popped up from her back-seat nap in time to see it hovering above the ditch as we rolled by. The second night, we all saw it, albeit from a greater distance and for a very short period of time. It was too dark out for any of us to get a picture, but this is pretty much how it looked to us:

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It bumbled from side to side for a moment, kind of flickered on and off, then vanished in the headlights of an oncoming car.

While in Joplin, we stayed at the sunny Capri Motel:

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which has seen better days, to be honest-- the pool is now filled with rocks, the lights on the sign don't work, and the entire place is populated by year-round residents like Shirtless Guy Who Plays With Pet Snakes In The Parking Lot. Suffice to say, I fell in love with the place, and would heartily recommend it to any weary traveler who needs a cheap place to flop and doesn't mind the occasional bedbug or late night knife-fight behind the dumpster.


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For those of you who missed our FILMSPLOITATION SHOW last week, your lives are that much sorrier for it. Not only did we premiere the soon-to-be classics THE HIGH PRICE OF FASHION and VOODOO ALIENS AT GORILLA BEACH (Youtube clips to follow soon, PROMISE), but we also screened a revised edit of THE SLAVES OF MARY JANE which sent the entire audience into a state of eye-rolling, mouth-frothing hysteria.

Special added bonus: DEAD END ON LOVE STREET, a super-8 film I shot and hand-spliced at the tender young age of 19 (count 'em: 12 YEARS ago)... The film itself isn't very good, but it's a nice chunk of nostalgia for yours truly, and it felt good to finally screen it for an audience after more than a decade of collecting dust in my closet:


Reading and watching, watching and reading...

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Are any of our Lawrence friends in posession of a pickup or van that [ profile] secret_malady and myself could borrow for an hour this week? We just bought a tiki bar and a computer desk for our house and have no way to haul them... We'd be more than happy to compensate you in gas money and cocktails. Can you help us out?
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First things first: We're going to premiere a bunch of short films at the Jackpot on August first-- the screening is FREE, the booze is CHEAP, and the people are CLASSY!

movie night!

The first film starts at 9 pm, and if you come early, you can get your picture taken with a Sasquatch. What the hell else do you have going on that night? The Yeah Yeah Yeahs show? Get ready to drop that crowd like a hot potato-- We don't want that them seeing our movie, anyway. Whatever those kids have is probably contagious, and I can think of a million and one more preferable ways to die than to slowly rot away from Poseur-itis.

Still at Quintiles, in case you care, and I've got two more days to go... People ask me about side effects all the time, and I feel it is my responsibilty to report that I've been experiencing some strange goings-on around my poop-chute area. Anyone who knows me will be quick to tell you that I'm a guy who takes pride in his bowel movements. I typically enjoy four to five a day, minimum, each one a model of perfection in both texture and girth... But ever since I started on this blood thinner routine, what was once a sleek, slender python has taken on the consistency of a snail shell, rock-hard and painfully difficult to squeeze out. For those of you in the medical profession, you'll note that this is what is commonly referred to as a "TYPE ONE" on the handy Bristol Stool Chart:

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It is to be hoped that things return to normal down there once my body has purged this drug from my system... I'm giving it a week and a half, tops, before I begin litigation for MENTAL ANGUISH. Seriously, I can't deal with any sort of disruption in my daily brownie-baking cycle.
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Agh! Tammy Faye died.

Image Hosting by

I didn't see where anyone else had posted it yet, so I thought I'd be the first to break the news.

I find it odd that I had so much insolent rage for Falwell when he died, yet I'm incredibly sad to ear about poor Tammy... Why is that, do you suppose?
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Oh, the life of a lab rat. My fourth day in, and I finally have some time to br-e-e-e-ath. Everyone else on my study has been sent home for one reason or another, so I'm all alone in the big room... Except for this one guy in the bed across from mine, who spends all day with his headphones plugged in, screaming obscenities at the television set. I've caught him staring at me and laughing a couple of times, too-- it's fucking UNNERVING. I think I might smother him with a pillow sometime this week... That is, if I haven't been sucked dry by all of the syringes and tubes they've jammed into me before then. Sheesh.

(Okay, he just sat down at the computer next to mine and immediately started cursing at the screen: "Butt juice! I'm not ass juice, YOU'RE ass juice!" And ten he farted.)

I neglected to mention before that I'm in here to test blood thinners-- specifically, I'm testing two separate blood thinners to see how they interact with each other. Needless to say, things have been a bit dizzy for me these past few days, which isn't necessarily a bad thing... The drugs come in two forms: one is a pill, the other is a liquid, and let's face it-- I test LIQUID blood thinners every day of my life, so its about time I started getting some compensation for my talents, no?

In the ten months since I last participated in a study, Quintiles has moved to a larger building-- more rooms (the giant dorm has been split up into several mini-dorms), better food (although the cooks always seem to forget to send something with my meal-- this morning I got butter and jelly without toast, and yesterday I got a packet of Ranch dressing with no salad), more cable channels (TCM and Soapnet-- whoo hoo!!!), increased privacy (bye-bye, prison showers!), and more computers (downside to this: keener internet censorware-- I can't even access my Flickr or Photobucket accounts to post pictures, and all proxy sites seem to be blocked, too)... Best of all, there's some ridiculous-looking, Wowsville-style restaurant around the corner with an American bandstand theme... Seems like a good place to invest some of that $1800 I'm earning on this aunt. Who doesn't want lunch served up by a waiter surgically cut to look like Dick Clark?

EDIT: I just found some website (told you I was BORED) where people submit pics of famous people... Photoshopped to look as if they had aged like regular, everyday people. Here's some of my faves:

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

Okay, I'm out-- Everybody send me messages and keep me company. I've got a lot of free time on my hands...
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Not much time to write... I checked back in to Quintiles yesterday (being a guinea pig, for those who don't know me well)-- and aside from being poked and prodded by pins and tubes in various orifices, the only thing I have to help me pass the time is the astounding lineup of movies on TCM today ("Die! Die! My Darling! and "House of Usher" being the highlights)... That, and the thought of a fat 1800-dollar check waiting for me at the end of this ten-day stretch. Things I have planned for this money:

-Paying off old debts
-Getting a shitty tattoo covered up with a picture of The Bride of Frankenstein
-Dumping some money into the band account so we can go on tour this autumn
-Saving back money so [ profile] secret_malady and I can buy our dream home... Which we will hopefully sell for twice as much money in two years so we can retire to The Islands together.

If you live in Lawrence, come to THIS:

Image Hosting by

We should be ready to premiere our brand-new Alien beach party thriller at this even... Why waste your money on some crappy summer "blockbuster" when you can enjoy a REAL movie in style? Besides, it's free, and there's booze. So shut the hell up and come see it already.

Well, time to get my blood drawn. Save some well wishes for me when I finally make it to the other side...
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It was a mere forty-eight years ago today that a film premiered that would alter the course of human civilization FOREVER.

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Little did the producers know then how the events in this movie would affect us... IN THE FUTURE!
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First things first: I picked THIS up for a mere 3 bucks the other day:

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You may ask yourself, what could be better than a TV biopic about Liberace? How about a TV biopic about Liberace directed by David Greene, the guy who made FATAL VISION and the atrocious WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE remake (starring the sisters Redgrave)? Victor Garber (aka Jack from "ALIAS") turns in a bang-up job as the titular elfin maestro, but the real acting kudos go to Maureen Stapleton as his long-suffering mother, here presented as an overprotective codger trying to shield her naive son from the cruel realities of a homophobic entertainment industry. BEHIND THE MUSIC crams all the catty humor, terminal illnesses, near death experiences, religious fever dreams, family strife, and coke-addicted chauffeurs that it possibly can into a lean 90-minute running time. We've barely passed his teenage years, moonlighting as a piano player in a seedy brothel, when he's already sharing backstage quips with Elvis at a glitzy Vegas review, then POW! He's clawing his way back from another gay scandal, winking at the camera the whole way through. Five minutes before the movie ends, he catches AIDS, then dies. Roll credits. Every major event in Liberace's life inexplicably happens offscreen, and many things aren't even mentioned at all. Still, I found my heartstrings tugged more than once, and I would definitely endorse this over most made-for-TV turdfests that are flushed our way.


Today is PROGRAM DAY, that momentous time of year when [ profile] secret_malady and I retreat to our secret clubhouse for a rigorous session of arcane rituals and esoteric sex practices. For the fourth year in a row, we will conjure as spell to reinforce our interpersonal mythology, wrapping it around ourselves in an attempt to shield our minds and bodies from the onslaught of bullshit that is the outside world.

How do we continue to do this, you ask? With old fashioned ro-mance, daddy-o! Hot kisses and heavy petting, love notes on cocktail napkins and surprise flowers from the dumpster. Don't you wish you had it as good as us?

I've traveled East, I've traveled West, and she's the gal that I love best! HAPPY PROGRAM DAY, baby!!!!!

Love, Psychedelic-style


Your ever-luvin' Cow-Pa!
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First things first: The Replay Lounge was voted one of the top bars in the country by Esquire Magazine... In a bizarre moment of postmodern meta-journalism, the local newspaper decided to write an article about the Esquire article, which apparently involved interviewing Nick Carroll about how it felt ot be interviewed. Some people look into a mirror and glimpse infinity, other people just see themselves staring back.


That's me in the upper right-hand corner, green shirt, doing my best Jack Nicholson impression.

In other news, [ profile] secret_malady and I have decided to give up our microwave in hopes of greatly reducing the radiation levels in our household... Well, that, and the fact that our counter space looks so much better without it:

Junk Shrine

I've been so obsessed with the idea of brain tumors and blood cancer lately that the idea of a microwave-free diet fills my pants with glee. That fucking machine pump so many x-rays into our house, into our food, and into our bellies that I don't know how we've made it this far without spewing The Big C from every orifice... Since we don't have cable, I don't spend much time in front of the tube, flipping channels... And since I don't have a cell phone, I don't have to worry about getting one of those giant ear tumors that swallow up the entire side of your face. I don't smoke anymore, I haven't blown anyone with HPV lately, and as far as I know I'm not exposed to obscene levels of lead paint on a daily basis. So aside from spending half my day parked in front of a computer monitor, I'd like to think that I'm relatively safe from massive radiation exposure. And without a microwave polluting my life every day, those levels should drop even lower.

A good way to prevent cancer, I hear, is by ingesting as many raw fruits as possible. Keeps the ol' immune system in tip top condition. And what better way to boost those levels than with a freshly mixed tropical drink? Luckily for us, Hawaiian Theme Party season is upon us, and with the combination of THIS:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

...which Ms. Malady's folks so thoughtfully donated to us last christmas, and THIS:

Cocktails for two!

...which I just picked up on the cheap at the Antique Mall, and THIS:

Tiki Bar

...which is currently on layaway for us at the same Antique Mall, and you have all the makings of a summer filled with Polynesian debauchery, all of it 100% health positive (rum is healthy for you, right?), and 100% tumor free (give or take a couple of tumors)... Who wants to join us?
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Please oh please oh please... I'm not one to pray, and I'm only slightly less likely to wish ACTUAL DEATH upon someone, but if this racist bozo slips away before my evening meal the world will be a much more tolerable place.

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The Associated Press

May 15, 2007, 12:06 PM CDT

LYNCHBURG, Va. -- The Rev. Jerry Falwell was hospitalized in "gravely serious" condition after being found unconscious in his office Tuesday, a Liberty University executive said.

Could this be a sign of the rapture? Perhaps Jerry was called first, being the holiest of holies... Who will god call upon next? Pat Robertson? James Dobson? Fred Phelps? Gee Dubbleyoo Bush? Dare I to hope that every one of these obnoxious, yammering mouthpieces for the Ridiculous Right will soon be delivered from my orbit forever? How could I be so lucky? The idea of a fundamentalist-free existence gives me so much wood I don't know what to do with it all.

UPDATE: He just died. I spent so much time ejaculating my cyber-glee that I missed the magic moment. Here's the news from MSN:

LYNCHBURG, Va. - The Rev. Jerry Falwell — founder of the Moral Majority and the face of the religious right in the 1980s — died Tuesday after being found unconscious in his office, a Liberty University executive said.

Ron Godwin, Liberty's executive vice president, said Falwell, 73, had been found unresponsive around 10:45 a.m. and was taken to Lynchburg General Hospital.

Falwell, a television evangelist who founded the Moral Majority in 1979, became the face of the religious right in the 1980s. He later founded the conservative Liberty University and served as its chancellor.

In the 1980s, Falwell saw his political lobbying organization grow to 6.5 million members, raising millions of dollars for conservative politicians and helping to elect Ronald Reagan president.

A biography of Falwell on Liberty University's Web site states that "with the impetus of the newly organized Moral Majority, millions of people of faith voted for the first time in 1980 and helped elect Ronald Reagan and many conservative congressmen and senators."

Please pardon my enthusiasm, but this guy was evil through and through... He was an outspoken segregationist, both as a radio preacher during the civil rights movement and as Reagan's spiritual adviser in the 1980's (he was a vocal supporter of South African apartheid at the time)... He publicly blamed feminists, homosexuals, and abortion rights supporters for the World Trade Center attacks in 2001. He likened the ACLU to the American Nazi Party and claimed that AIDS was god's wrath against homosexuals. Worst of all, his particular strain of religious dogma spawned the abysmal LEFT BEHIND series, thus insuring that tee-totalling anti-semite (and Growing Pains alum) Kirk Cameron would continue to smirk and preen in front of a televised audiences more many years to come. I don't mourn Falwell's passing any more than I morn the passing of last weekend's pizza-- there was some mild discomfort, an ounce shame, then I smiled and flushed and continued on with my day.

Jerry Falwell, rest in peace. Can I get an AMEN?
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I have no idea who THIS woman is...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

... but someone needs to put her out of my misery, and QUICK!

I hate that the critical hype surrounding this upcoming trainwreck regards the original film as some type of "flawed masterpiece" that Travolta-in-a-fat-suit will somehow improve upon... The least they could do is coax Pia Zadora out of hiding to make some kind of walk-on cameo for credibility's sake, but something tells me THIS version of Hairspray will be largely bereft of freaky-beatnicks, which is a sad, sad statement indeed, because I'm sure Pia could use the work... WIth any luck, this film will fade from the public consciousness with the swiftness of last year's ill-advised Black Christmas re-make. If not, I may just be down at the theater on opening night, stabbing motherfuckers in the neck for the betterment of humanity. So help me god.

You might say: Mr. Manilow, how might we combat the problems of horrendous taste in our popular culture? To you, the concerned reader, I offer THIS videos:

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Follow up to my last post:

1) The refrigerator mysteriously resurrected itself two days after dying. Clearly, we are dealing with a case of GHOST APPLIANCES.

2) The gas company posted our checks a mere three hours before we were scheduled for disconnection, thus sparing me the financial burden of having to BRIBE THE UTILITY CLERK when he arrived at our door.

3) Still not a fan of working. But I've determined that both of my jobs are fine, perhaps even enviable to some... I'm just fucking lazy. With this revelation, I have decided to actively pursue my lifelong dream of being a HIGH PAID LOUNGEABOUT.

4) On that note, is there really anything wrong with being an ego-driven, emotional cripple?

Rest In Pieces to two of the Greats:

Sir Graves Ghastly

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and Bobby "Boris" Pickett

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The world is a little less spooky without them.

--Scary M!
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Reasons why I'm a cranky motherfucker right now:

1) While we were sleeping last night, the refrigerator decided to perish. We threw out most of our food this morning, and it will seriously be at least a week before we can get the landlord over here to set us up with something else. Ugh.

2) Even though we paid our monthly bill to The Evil Gas Conglomerate nine days ago, they still haven't posted the credit to our account... As a result, our gas in danger of being shut off this week. Rectifying this problem involves the tremendous hassle of canceling our previous checks, writing a new one, calling in sick from work, and waiting around all day for the Gas Man to maybe show up on our porch. Double ugh.

3) My daughter is moving away, far far away, and I have neither the time or the money to take her mother to court for joint custody before she leaves. Given the distance of our impending separation, it could be several months before we even see each other again... provided her parental units don't decide to just vanish without a trace, in which case she'll be gone from my life forever.

4) I hate both of my jobs so much that I would rather poison myself with cyanide gas than be forced to clock in for another shift.

5) The world at large perceives me to be nothing more than an ego-driven emotional cripple, but in reality I am just so disgusted by life that the most articulate way I can find to express myself is to pound my fists and wail.
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Over the course of the past year and a half, talk has increasingly turned to the fact that [ profile] secret_malady and myself have rapidly outgrown the snoozeworthy confines of Lawrence, KS. I could probably pound out volumes of perceived grievances I harbor against this humble community (anyone who reads this journal regularly has probably grown weary of my unending rants on this subject), but I'll simplify the matter by chalking it all up to ego: The Program, as it stands, has gradually become TOO COOL for Douglas County. As a result, we've decided to seek greener pastures.

The initial plan involved moving to Chicago, which has always been a lifelong dream of mine... great food, great music, fashionable locals, and reliable public transit are all high-scorers in the Book of Manilow. Unfortunately, cold weather does not, and the extended freeze mother nature delivers to the Windy City each year is enough to negate any delusions of livabilty Chicago may harbor for me... As much as I love the town (and I mean LOVE with a capital L-O-V-E), I think life would be much easier if Chicago remained a Recreation Destination in the warm weather months and a nightmare to avoid in the winter.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Other places we discussed: Portland (doesn't everyone?), North Carolina, Tokyo, Spain, Mars, and Narnia. But one place kept coming up over and over again: Austin, Texas. Kelly, having spent some of her favorite years as a resident, has always been a proud champion of this idea... But as much as Austin appeals to me, and as much fun as I have when we visit, I must admit to a fair amount of hesitation on my part.

For starters, it gets so hot down there that no one can be comfortably fashionable, and I fear being devoured in a sea of flip-flops and sawed-off sweatpants. Will Austin hipsters sneer at my pretension because I dare to sport a dinner jacket at the neighborhood bar? Honestly, I don't really care-- the less class an immediately surrounding populace displays, the more I stand out, and I've never had an aversion to being the coolest motherfucker in the room.

I think the music scene would be a much larger problem for me. Austin has always struck me as a real Blues Hammer kind of town, a presumption I've based on the following facts:

1)There is an obscene amount of Stevie Ray Vaughan worship emanating from that town.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

2) A vast majority of the shitty bar-rock bands that play at the Jackpot come from Austin, so many in fact that I'm often convinced that no other forms of music can exist down there.

But here's some easy reassurance: Legendary rockabilly satanists The Flametrick Subs live in Austin and perform monthly at Beerland, a sideshow-themed bar and grill. Not to mention the fact that two of my all time favorite bands, Scratch Acid and The 13th Floor Elevators, are from the same area (and neither one of them sounded like Stevie Ray Vaughan).

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Other things that tempt me in Austin:

An abundance of quality record stores.

Free midnight exploitation films at the Alamo Drafthouse.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

A couple of really sleazy vintage furniture stores.

Vegetarian-friendly restaurants as far as the eye can see.


Also, Kelly's folks live in Fort Worth, and my daughter is moving to New Mexico, so we'll always be within driving distance of close family should any sort of emergency arise.

Keeping these things in mind, I have concocted a (speculative) TWO YEAR PLAN TO LEAVE LAWRENCE:

*Move into a cheaper house so that my monthly expenses aren't so out-of-control.

*Fall back on my old career as pharmaceutical lab rat to raise fast money-- Use this money to get my license renewed and buy a van.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Stick with my current job at Blue Collar Press long enough to get health insurance-- use the insurance to fix my teeth, my toes, and get this mysterious lump removed form my arm.

*Build up The Spook Lights until we can easily keep the band going in a new town (this can be accomplished by playing several shows in the area and trying to build a reputation with the right crowd)... Also, in addition to the 10" we are releasing this summer, I'd like to produce a full length album to have on the market before we move.

*Finish both movies I'm working on right now... Austin has a vibrant underground film scene, and it it would be nice if I had the means to get my foot through the door.

* Have at least ten thousand dollars in the bank before moving so I can live comfortably without working until I've become familiar with my new environment. Once again, medical studies come into play-- and, oddly enough, Austin is home to Pharmico, the largest research facility in the US. Looks like that guinea pig experience might work in my favor, after all!!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

All of this is still pretty hypothetical. Any one else out there have any Austin stories you'd
like to share?

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I may or may not be ditching this journal soon due to lack of interest on both sides of the computer screen... Odd right now are about 60-40 that I'm gonna close down shop and retreat to the safety of The Spook Lights,
which I've allowed to languish for far too long without producing a worthwhile update. But who knows? We may never find a new drummer, the band might break up, and I'll find myself compelled to deal with this journal from here to eternity... Stranger things have happened, friends.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

--Scary Manilow
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