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Another hilarious sound bite from Summer, the 21-year-old wanna-be hustler I work with:

"Man, that bitch better hurry up and have her baby so I can punch her in the fucking face!"

Today, Summer enlightened us to the fact that she has scabies. In fact, she's had scabies for well over a month now, and hasn't bothered to say anything about it until today. Which means we've had several weeks to possibly contract the vicious little critters (a very real possibility, seeing as how we all share the same toilet). She refuses to see a doctor about it, and she doesn't plan on missing work any time soon. Needless to say, the rest of us are feeling a bit itchier than normal these days...

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If I end up with scabies, I'm gonna make the bakery pay for my medical treatment. Why don't they tell her to stay home until she gets it taken care of? It only seems fair, considering the compact proximity of our working environment... I don't get paid enough to pick up MANGE. It wasn't in my job description.

In other news, I found out last night that someone started a MySpace page for COMMANDER USA'S GROOVY MOVIES. Which, of course, excites me to no end, because I'm a fucking loser whose life revolves around BAD MOVIES and THE INTERNET. I wish I could say that I had fallen back on IV drugs or random acts of senseless violence to get my kicks, but alas, those misspent days of my youth have been lost forever. Please welcome the older, milder Rob Gillaspie to the stage, folks... Looks like his peculiar brand of mediocrity has moved in to stay!

Sigh... Seriously, though, Commander USA rocked my world as a child. His "Groovy Movies" was second only to Crematia Mortem's "Creature Feature" in shaping my cinematic worldview. I kinda half-suspect that this page is maintained by the Commander himself, but that might be nothing more than wishful thinking on my part.

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More later... I'll leave you with THIS, my billboard ad for the new line of designer fragrance that [ profile] secret_malady is developing for the masses... Look for it at a Woolworth's cosmetics counter near you!

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