Jan. 2nd, 2006 09:49 am
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Since we're old, we spent New Year's Eve on the couch. Since we're weird, we spent it watching atomic test footage from the 1960s. We provided the booze, and our good friend (and fellow Spook Light) JT supplied the movies. All in all, it was a hilarious reminder that the bomb could drop at any time in '06.

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Eat healthier (stay off meat and fast food)
Exercise more (get back into yoga class, dammit!)
Re-organize the house (band room, record room, cocktail lounge, etc.)
Get THE SPOOK LIGHTS onto a live stage!
Get started on THE UNTITLED MOVIE!

I don't think any of these are impossible goals. The weather was fucking gorgeous on New Year's day, a perfect excuse for [ profile] secret_malady and I to get off our asses and do some much-needed walking (I accidentally made a pit stop at Wild Man Vintage to buy a par of cowboy boots). And, of course, we cooked up a steaming pot of BLACK EYED PEAS rather than suck down a bunch of junk food to chase away our hangovers. I'd say we're off to a good start, wouldn't you?

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One day down, 364 to go.

Speaking of nice weather, the sun stayed with us throughout our entire stay in Texas-- clear sky, 80 degrees, perfect for sitting outside and tying on a good buzz. It came as a real shock to our collective systems when we drove back a week later and crossed over into the murky Kansas air. All the way through Oklahoma, we watched the outside temperature drop. It was kind of symbolic, actually, because the longer we idled in the Sooner State, the worse our moods declined. Since the entire countryside along I35 was burning, the highways were compressed to a single lane most of the way through. And if you thought the drivers in your town sucked, you should see the fucking short-tempered wahoos they've got in OKC. Not only are they the biggest idiots on the road, they're BELLIGERENT about it. In fact, there's a reason people in Oklahoma have a rep for being knock-need, buck-toothed galoots... From what I can tell, not a single one of them can read, write, speak, or act above a third-grade level. By all appearances, the entire state is populated by overweight, undersexed pig fuckers squeezed into NASCAR sweatshirts and mesh-back ball caps with American Flags printed on the front. I can't wait until the entire fucking state is burned off the map, and that's the god damned TRUTH.


We pulled over to gas up at a truck stop outside of Stillwater. There was a little diner attached to the gas station, which in turn was attached to a whorehouse. The diner was called, and I shit you not, "GOD BLESS AMERICA CAFE." Through the window of this diner, perfectly centered under the painted arched letters, we could see a sixteen year old girl, cigarette in her mouth, baby on her lap, staring blankly at a spot on the ceiling. OKLAHOMA!

Texas, on the other hand, was a royal HOOT. Besides the fantastic fucking weather and food, we were treated to a grand tour of the best thrift stores and record shops Ft. Worth has to offer. A brief sampling of the albums scored by Ms. Malady and myself:

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One last note: If you're ever in the Fort Worth area, check out the Spiral Diner. Vegetarian or not, the food is out of this world.


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