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First things first:

I bought a pair of X-RAY GOGS today because I've always thought they looked stylin. I tore into the package as soon as I left the toy store and put them on, confident in my cool new look... Three steps later, I walked face first into a tree.

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[ profile] secret_malady and I are getting desperate in our quest for a rock-n-roll drummer. Two weeks ago, I plastered every flyering hot spot with handbills, complete with pull-off tags featuring our contact info... Ms. Malady and I figured an email address was best, since neither of us bother to answer the phone, and when we do, our lack of communication skills are usually enough to sink any conversation like the Lusitania.

Anyway, if YOU were an aspiring rock drummer, and YOU saw this flier hanging outside the record store, wouldn't YOU immediately drop everything and rush home to respond?

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Yeah, me too. But apparently, all the young skin-bangers in this town have better things to do. It looks like quite a few people are interested, because several tags have been torn away, but our email inbox remains dreadfully bare.

So, in an attempt to boost our response rate, I concocted THIS flier, opting for a more "cut-n-paste" design... I figured, what the fuck, maybe all the young rockers will be drawn in by the whole "black death" aesthetic:

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This time, in addition to hitting the usual spots, I made sure to hit laundromats, liquor stores, and most importantly, the KU campus. I tried to double up with the old fliers as much as possible, just my way of trying to say "See? We're still looking! There's still a chance to get in on the most famous fucking rock band in town!"

I did a quick check downtown today, and sure enough, there were a few bites. But the inbox remains empty. What else can I do but wait? It seems like no one in this town wants to be in a band that doesn't stare at it's feet anymore. Are we really going to have to move away before we can fulfill our dreams of superstardom? Four letters, my friends: L-A-M-E.

BUt, as you know by know, we never give up hope. Right now, I'm burning a candle next to my Cramps shrine and praying to the Holy Twosome for some divine intervention... If anyone can offer us spiritual guidance in our times of need, it's Lux and Ivy, that's for sure.

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