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...literally, moving on! Spending this week saying farewell to my beloved home in exile, DISGRACELAND (Take the tour!), while also preparing to merge with my current galpal, Emily. We've got our claws in a late-50's ranch house straight out of my interior-design wet-dreams: 3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 1.5 bathrooms, a breakfast nook, a giant back yard, and a swinging patio area. More than enough space to host three people, 4 cats, a movie studio, and about nine states' worth of glitzy thriftstore bounty. We're going to spend the week polishing wood floors and painting the walls aquamarine.

The new house is away from East Lawrence, which is strictly terra incognito for me... But I hope that a move out of my old stomping grounds, away from downtown and all of its psychological guideposts, will finally help divorce me from the last decade of my life. Moving on, indeed.

Wrapping up a week of three shows from both bands: Two with SEXTAPES, one with PALE HEARTS, (which ended with a drug fueled vomit sesh under some bushes in North Larry)...Now I'm taking a week or two off to focus on TEEN TROUBLES instead.

Hopefully we'll have this last bit wrapped up by October, ready to edit, so we can start scripting our next project, a shot-for-shot remake of TEENAGE STRANGLER:

The plan is to start shooting in the spring, with an eye towards breaking in cast and crew for our reboot of THE GALACTIC JUNGLE, which, despite all odds, I'm still hoping to finish before I die.
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I'm going through my annual cold weather David Lynch phase... Been trying to dig up the 15-page essay I wrote about him in 12th grade, just after "Fire Walk With Me" came out and everyone thought his career was OVER. I ended it with something like, "Despite what his critics say, Mr. Lynch will continue to create art that is both unique and relevant well into the next century," or some shit like that.

Anyway, the slew of recent interviews in which he discusses meditation have really inspired me to explore my own consciousness a little more. Only, instead of employing rigid discipline and breathing exercises, I'm going to up my intake of hallucinogenic drugs. It just seems like the right thing to do.

Other things I'm excited about: Extra User Pics on Livejournal, "Three MORE Screenplays," by John Waters, this Martin Denny MOOG album I revently purchased, and the films of Chan Wook Park. Discuss, please...


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