Feb. 4th, 2007

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Well, The Groundhog didn't see his shadow this week... if you have faith in such things, it means that warm weather is on the way. Wouldn't know it by stepping outside, though-- the wind chill has dipped below zero every night this week, and that vicious layer of ice on the sidewalk doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. Fucking Groundhog.

As long as we're all stranded inside, I might as well make the best of it by re-arranging our living space into something more presentable... And what better way to prepare for that than a trip to the thrift store?

Yesterday's haul netted us a boatload of useful items: a window table for the plants (they're getting to large to share the same space-- those kids grow up so fast!), new speakers for the turntable (you'll recall that I blew the old ones last year during the first Spook Lights practice), and a brand new sofa/ easy chair set (very mod, VERY cheap-- ten bucks for the pair!!!) that we still have to haul back from Topeka. Anyone out there have a truck? There's a few bucks in it for you, maybe a hand job or too. Hit me up with a response.

I also snagged some choice reading material from the bargain paperbacks table:

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Confession time:

Those of you who don't know me/ have rarely met me probably don't know that I have an awful tattoo (well, SEVERAL awful tattoos, but this is the dumbest of all) that I need to get covered up. Now that the holidays have passed and I'm (slowly) crawling out of the financial void, I'm finally able to start squirreling away money for some much-needed repair work.

The current tattoo looks like THIS:

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I want to cover it up with a crazy drawing of her:

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If I could get a picture of her screaming and rendered in classic EC Comics style, it would be twice as sweet.

Ideally, I'll have the money and image together in time for my birthday, which is in a month and a half. I'm planning on spending a couple hundred dollars, which shouldn't be too hard to save up, right? Right... Unless you're like me and have an undying compulsion to buy every single movie that tickles your fancy, like THIS:

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How can I ever succeed in the face of such oppression?


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